Apr 7, 2008

Go with the FLOW! After all, it's only a game!

After observing two eight year old boys play this game, I realized that I am missing out on a lot of fun! Investigating the learning in Mario Kart is not the point, so it seems. Knowing what you're learning is not the point. Investigating the fun is the point. Why is this game fun? You can play over and over and over again under a multitude of conditions. The potential for repetitive play is inherent in a game that is fun to play. Forming relationships with the characters, actually talking to them while playing, is another prerequisite for fun. Boasting about your accomplishments and moaning/defending/rationalizing your defeats to your friends is fun, too. Figuring out the best kart and character combination is fun. Expressing hatred for particular characters to your friends is fun. Getting to the next level is fun even if it takes you a very long time. Cheating with cheat codes you find on the internet is fun! Not reading the instructions booklet and figuring out the game by yourself is fun! Beating a girl at the game is fun! (Not beating a girl at the game is humiliating, though.) Being obsessed by and addicted to a game is fun. Losing track of time is fun, until someone yells at you to stop wasting your time (what little do they know). Most of all, loving the game is fun!

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Most Frequently Mentioned Video Game

On Thursday 2/06/08 I conducted a survey asking 39 first and second grade boys and girls which video games they liked to play. Eighty-Five percent (85%) mentioned this game. Click on the PLAY link below to play a version of this very popular game.